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Featured Articles

October 8, 2019

Better Treatment for Diabetic Foot Ulcers

People with type 2 diabetes often suffer from poorly-healing infected wounds on their feet. Using existing methods, however, it takes two days to grow a bacterial culture used to identify the pathogens infecting the wound and their antibiotic resistance—and thus to find an effective antibiotic. With the help of a new rapid test developed by Fraunhofer researchers, it will take just one hour to obtain this information in the future. Read More  

New Biofabrication Method Creates One Scaffold to Guide Regeneration of Multiple Tissues

Organs, muscles and bones are composed of multiple types of cells and tissues that are carefully organized to carry out a specific function. For example, kidneys are able to filter waste from the blood because of how their specialized cells and tissues are arranged. Disrupting this organization dramatically affects how cells and tissues do their job effectively. Read More

Reducing Lymphedema Risk with Exercise

Many breast cancer patients worry about complications of treatment, one of which is lymphedema, or swelling of the arms after surgery or radiation. Exercise has been thought to possibly trigger or make lymphedema worse, so some heath care providers recommend that their patients avoid exercise. However, Dr. Sarah McLaughlin, a Mayo Clinic surgeon, says exercise may help prevent lymphedema and lessen its symptoms.  Read More