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August 27, 2019

Blocking Inflammatory Pathway Key to Preventing Brain Metastasis from Melanoma

A new Tel Aviv University study finds that melanoma brain metastasis occurs when tumor cells "hijack" an inflammatory pathway in the brain. Blocking this pathway could prevent these metastases from developing, according to the research. "The prognosis of patients with brain metastases is very grim," explains Prof. Neta Erez of the Department of Pathology at TAU's Sackler Faculty of Medicine, the lead author of the study. "Patients used to die from metastases in other places before brain metastases were clinically evident.   Read More  

How to Choose a Cushion for a Wheelchair to Prevent Pressure Ulcers and to Make Sitting Comfortable  

Can you believe that according to a report made by the World Health Organization (WHO) there are over 650 million people worldwide with a disability, and out of that population; about 10% need to use a wheelchair to support their daily life? The stats show how commonly we may need a wheelchair to support us, our family or friends. People that make use of wheelchairs need comfort too. It is not a new thing that the type of wheelchair cushions a wheelchair user use influences his or her medical condition and overall well being.  Read More

Guidelines on Prevention and Management of Pressure Ulcers

The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure that persons with a pressure ulcer, or who are at risk of developing pressure ulcers when using their wheelchairs, are appropriately assessed by the physiotherapist (or other appropriated health care professional) and are prescribed the most suitable equipment. A pressure ulcer is ‘a localized injury to the skin and/or underlying tissue usually over a bony prominence, as a result of pressure, or pressure in combination with shear. Whilst pressure ulcers are more likely to affect older people, it is now accepted that people of all ages may be affected, therefore the principles of these guidelines apply to beneficiaries of all age groups.  Read More

Study Compares Investigational Regenerative Skin Tissue to Conventional Treatment for Severe Burns

Autografting is considered to be the standard of care for severe burns. The process involves the surgical harvesting of healthy skin from an uninjured site on the patient and transplanting the skin graft to the injury, resulting in two wounds that require care. Not only do patients experience increased pain, but both the burn injury site and the donor site are at increased risk of infection, scarring and impaired skin function.  Read More