Trends in CAUTI Prevalence

In a recent micro survey hosted by 3S Consulting Group and featured within the Critical Care Weekly Pulse™ e-newsletter, respondents were asked to report the prevalence of catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs) within their facilities, and the steps taken to address this prevalence.

The prevalence of CAUTIs within individual facilities was reported as <30% amongst all respondents, with the majority reporting a prevalence of <5%.

Respondents that reported a CATUI prevalence of <5% have taken the several steps to help reduce CAUTIs which include; implementing a CAUTI Bundle (33%), developing a protocol for early removal of Foley catheters (24%), staff education (24%), and surveillance of CAUTI prevalence (19%).

cauti prevalance

The CAUTI reduction methods above have helped to decrease the prevalence of CAUTIs within respondents’ facilities. 65% of respondents disclosed that “within the past year, the prevalence of CAUTIs within my facility has decreased.

cauti prevalance

CAUTI prevention is critical part of decreasing morbidity and mortality among patients with indwelling urinary catheters, as well as decreasing hospital costs.