Employer Benefits

Since 2004, WoundCareJobs.com has been the market leading, online job board organizations rely upon when seeking professionals experienced in the prevention and treatment of skin breakdown and wound care. Click the video below to learn about the benefits of posting your jobs on WoundCareJobs.com:

Only jobs posted directly to WoundCareJobs.com receive "Featured Job" status. Only Featured Jobs are prominently displayed on the top of all relevant "Search Results" pages when candidates are searching our data base by "State". Therefore, Featured Jobs receive greater visibility and often result in a substantially higher volume of qualified applicants when compared to all other jobs consolidated on WoundCareJobs.com.

Jobs posted directly to WoundCareJobs.com may contain a job link directly to your career portal.

And finally, WCJ never limits the number of words necessary to clearly detail each job. Feel free to use as many words as you like within each job post!

 If you should have any additional questions about WoundCareJobs.com, please feel free email us at: jobs@woundcarejobs.com